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            My name is Walter “Jack” Tarr 3rd, and I run a BlogSpot website to promote those who want to pursue a career in art. The website can be found here, it may have a minimal design which is intentional so the information of these artist can be found and get commissioned easier. A variety of artists can be found here whom use a plethora of different mediums so any type of artist can be found here. Even traditional artist can have a page and post on the amazing artist directory. Feel free to email me with what info you want on your page and I`ll be more than happy to set it up for you. The fill out that I have created may be a great start which I will provide below, you may add or omit what you deem necessary. Thank you for your time, I know how busy life can be Take all the time u need I can be patient with just about anyone.


Walter “Jack” Tarr 3rd



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Amazing Artist Directory is now open

2016-06-29 15:00:27 by Pixel-Cheese-Cake

Hello all creators,


I have created a directory for people to find artist taking commissions, and a place for artist to be discovered whom are taking commissions. I run this directory by myself so if something needs to be updated just let me know. I will provide a link to it here: http://amazingartistdirectory.blogspot.com/


Pixel Cheese Cake



A new artist has entered this directory, if you would like a spot in it just send me a message. I would love to add you.

Twich Streaming

2016-06-21 11:11:38 by Pixel-Cheese-Cake

I am proud to inform you that i nw stream on twitch, feel free to join me whenever.

First Post

2016-04-30 01:42:46 by Pixel-Cheese-Cake

Hello, I am Pixel Cheese Cake and i am teaching myself to animate. I hope you all like what i come out with. 

List of what i use is here:

Computer: Acer Aspier E1-472P-6860
Background:Art Weaver 5
Frames: MS Panit



I can and will try my hand at any new things and programs i can manage to accuire, thank you all for your support and keep being awesome.